Angelic Massage Therapy

Night-Thunder Angelic Massage is equivalent to a four-mile walk, your circulation improves, your lymph moves toxins out as that they are capable of being eliminated from your body, and you are refreshed and relaxed. It involves a combination of gentle strokes, kneading, knuckling, friction and chopping movements to relax and stretch muscles and encourage circulation. It is also used for general aches and pains in areas such as the neck and shoulders. It is excellent for relaxation and speeding up repairs on strained muscles and tendons.
And, if you have not exercised in a while or had a massage in a long time, you might even be a tad sore the next day, the beneficial type of sore from having done something physical. Taking a nice hot mineral bath of salt and baking soda afterwards plus drinking a great deal of water is capable of alleviating this. These will help flush the toxins that are the symptomatic cause of soreness out of your body.
Some beneficial effects of Massage Therapy are:

Enhances deep relaxation and stress reduction
Relieves muscle tension and spasm
Strengthen the immune system
Increases joint flexibility and range of motion
Stimulate the release of endorphins
Assists with deeper and easier breathing
Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid
Reduce swelling
Speeds recovery from injury
Reduce scarring

The Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy
During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes many changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well-being.

Massage assists a mother's body to eliminate waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which combats fatigue and helps the mother feel more energetic.
By aiding circulation, massage eases the load on mother's heart and helps to keep her blood pressure in check.
Muscular discomforts, such as cramping, tightening, stiffness, tension, and knots, can all be alleviated.
Massage assist in caring away the lactic acid and other cellular waste products that build up and cause muscle fatigue.
Massage is capable of assisting to relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes a mother is experiencing.
Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts during pregnancy, such as backaches, a stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema, and sore, swollen ankles and feet.
Massage increases local and general blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both the mother and fetus. This means greater vitality and less fatigue for a mother and enhanced nourishment for her baby.
Massage stimulates glandular secretions, which assist in stabilising hormone levels.
Massage is capable of assisting to relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes a mother is experiencing.
It relaxes tense muscles and tones loose muscles, and is capable of also increasing muscular flexibility. Flexibility will be most helpful during the last trimester and during the birth itself.
Massage helps to soothe and relax nervous tension, which assist the mother in sleeping with greater ease and deeper. Incidentally, doctors all agree that a relaxed mother will have a happier, healthier pregnancy and possibly an easier childbirth experience, too.
Massage is capable of being used during the birth to make it easier and more comfortable for the mother, and after the birth as well, to assist her to regain her strength quicker and ease postpartum stress.


Reiki (Pronounced ray-key) is an ancient form of energy healing that is being practised by many throughout the world and is being promoted as a serious alternative therapy. The essence of the art that is the basis of what is know of as Relki is a laying-on of hands healing technique that is thousands of years old. Reiki is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practise that was re-discovered in the late 1800's by a Dr. Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist.

Reiki is not magic, a modern scientific discovery, a religion, a philosophical or political ideology, and is no substitute for official medicine. It is "just" an extraordinary means which each single person is capable of receiving and learning how to use. It is a way to establish a direct link between a human being and the primal energy of creation.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words-Rei and Ki- Rei is the upper Japanese kanji character and Ki is the lower character. "Rei" as it is used in Reiki is interpreted to mean supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness; the wisdom that is perceived to come from a Higher Self. "Ki" is the life force, which is the nonphysical energy that animates all living things, and the primary energy of emotions, thoughts, and spiritual life.

Reiki was "rediscovered" in Japan in the 1800's by a Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki's origins are believed to be found in Tibetan sutras and ancient records of cosmology and philosophy, though the healing art that is now know of as Reiki actually was brought to Tibet by way of Egypt. The origin of these messages is written to have come from Sanskrit symbols. These messages have been passed on from one Reiki master to another. The Reiki technique or method that is used today is based firmly on the esoteric principles that were represented in Japan in the early part of the 20th century C. E. 

Reiki, unlike many forms of "energy medicine", does not involve diagnosing the perceived imbalance in the recipient's energy field. Reiki practitioners will inform the recipient that they are in charge of drawing in the energy required to bring about a balance. This is not really a clear truth. The reiki treatments are the process in which energy flows from the practitioner and into the client. 

There are twelve symbols that are now used in the modern system of Reiki. There were only four symbols in the system that Mikao Usui taught. The Reiki system as it is practised today is an incomplete system. The original system that is the basis to the method of reiki had 352 Symbols in the complete system. 

Levels of Reiki Practitionership

I Hands on Introductory level.  Gives access to the energy and direct hands on healing as shown in the paper on traditional hand positions.  Requires 4 attunements.
Two Level I plus Healing at a distance This level teaches three of the traditional four symbols used in Reiki.  There is generally an increase in the amount of power.  The practitioner is also capable of preforming healing at a distance.  Requires 2 attunements.
Three (Master) Level II plus the Master Symbol Teaches the fourth symbol, the Master Symbol.  There is generally, again, an increase in power.  Requires 4 attunements.
Master Teacher Level III plus the ability to train Reiki practitioners Many teachers do not see this as a separate level from III, while some do require further training for Master Teacher.  This level does not require further attunements nor further symbols.  Instead it is posession of the confidence and knowledge to conduct a Reiki class.  This generally comes from apprenticeship with an experienced Reiki teacher to see what it's like on the other side of the table.

Reiki is very popular among New Age spiritualists, who are very fond of "attunements," "harmonies," and "balances." Reiki apprentice healers are reported to pay up to $10,000 to their masters to become masters themselves.

In the time when Dr Usui lived, he did not use Reiki Symbols, and they were not used in the Attunement process either. Mrs Takata who was one of the first humans Dr Usui initiated to Reiki energy healing, did not used Reiki Symbols to attune her students either. This was also developed in later years. Usui Sensei's system had been up and running long before the symbols were introduced (which was in about 1923 C.E.), of course the connection ritual that Usui had been using did not involve the use of symbols either.

Information coming from a group of Usui's surviving students in recent years:

  • Symbols do not require to be used when connecting someone to Reiki. Usui Sensei's "Reiju empowerments" did not use symbols however; they do connect you to the energy.
  • You do not require to be attuned to the symbols in order for them to work for you. Once you are connected to the energy - and now we know how to do this without using symbols - then the symbols will focus the energy in a particular way.

Maybe some Reiki Masters wanted to keep the symbols shrouded in such secrecy in order to play on their “mysterious” appeal and somehow "justify" the high costs of this Reiki Level. 

It is believed by some that the Reiki symbols are within each human for the simple reason that they are perceived to be light and humans are light. It is believed by some that the Reiki symbols simply guide a human’s first step into the Energy. That they act through love, purpose, direction, power, however, everyone already has all the love, knowledge and strength.

The Reiki Symbols are required to be respected, though this is completely up to you.To respect the symbols does not mean to hide them though to use them what is perceive of as correctly.

The Reiki Symbols

SymbolSymbol namePurposeMeaning
Body Cho-Ku-Rei Increase Power "Put the power here" or "God is here"
Mind Sei-He-Ki Emotional, purification, protection, clearing "Key to the universe" or "Man and God becoming one"
Spirit Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Distant healing, Akashic Records, past-present-future "The Buddha in me reaches out to the Buddha in you to promote enlightenment and peace"
Master Dai-Ko-Myo Passing attunements Reiki mastership; "man-woman-universe = whole energy"

First Reiki Symbol

Choku Rei indicates strength, power, action. It represents energy with a direction and purpose. It is used to support all other Reiki instruments (creative visualization, positive verbalization, recall, other symbols – from Usui’s Reiki, Karuna Reiki or one’s own). Choku Rei means: "by the emperor’s command," that is to say "what must be, shall be." A more free interpretation which nonetheless conveys the idea of this Reiki symbol’s meaning is: "all the energy of the universe is focusing on this point."

Second Reiki Symbol

Sei Heki indicates peace, harmony, quiet, serenity, balance. It is a Reiki symbol used to harmonise and balance what has momentarily lost its balance. Sei Heki purifies, detoxicates and purges. Sei Heki is also a mental-emotional key, a door into the subconscious. 

Sei Heki means: "I have the key" and is is also capable of meaning "the mindset of those who do not fall apart." It is a Reiki symbol full of love. It is apparently derived from Kiliku, the symbol of Love in the Love, Light and Power trinity of Sonten, the divine source worshipped in the Mount Kurama temple.

Third Reiki Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the Reiki symbol of unity, origin, connection.
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen allows to break through the illusion of separation between all things, through both space and time. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen allows to give Reiki treatments over distances in space and time.
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen means: "the Human Being and the Spirit are One."
This Reiki symbol consists of 5 condensed Kanji (partially overlapped) where some elements have been taken off in order to give a specific energy connotation.

Fourth Reiki Symbol

Dai Ko Myo indicates light, clarity, intention, understanding, presence, silence. It is the symbol used in initiations to harmonise human beings to the energy of Reiki. Dai Ko Myo opens, enlightens, protects. It is Light which nourishes and fills, leads the way and rests the spirit.

Dai Ko Myo means: "great shining light," "great luminous shining," "great enlightenment" and it represents the beating heart of Reiki.

Dai Ko Myo represents the most authentic, lively and present part of the whole Reiki path. This light is used to enlighten one's path, for understanding one's true self again, to tap into one’s own deepest, inmost soul, to lead the way in the exploration to reach the essence of Being.

Dai Ko Myo is also used for self-treatment and for treating others with great awareness, in a dynamic balance of relaxation and concentration, with its silent and vivifying presence.

Magnetic Theraphy

Magnetic Therapy

A natural method used to relieve pain, restore energy and enhance sleep. It has proven to be a safe, effective, economical, and simple to use form of alternative therapy. Magnetic therapy is thousands of years old yet holds great promise for the future. Magnets have been scientifically proven to enable the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally. Strong evidence suggests that magnetic therapy may help to: Relieve Pain, Reduce inflammation restore natural energy, increase blood circulation, prevent or reverse infection, promote metabolic processing of toxins and support the healing process. Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive treatment method with a very high success rate and has much to offer in both prevention and treatment of chronic ailments.

Intense-Internal Transformational-Therapy

What are some of the benefits of Intense Internal Transformational Therapy Bodywork?:

Increases self-esteem. 
Connects you with your spiritual path, and allows you to sense the full range and depth of your emotional (JUNK). 
Moves you forward in your life. 
Allows you to sense real love, joy, and peace. 
Activates the cellular memory for bliss and unlimited self- expression. 
Clears the charge that is held in the cellular memory relative to unconstructive experiences from your past. 
Teaches you to effectively tune into your intuition. 
Brings in a profusion of chi, energy, and prana. 
Connects you with your greatness. 
Opens and aligns the chakras and the higher mind centres

Intense Internal Transformational Therapy Bodywork addresses:

Issues related to: family, relationships, rejection, betrayal, intimacy, jealousy, abandonment, failure, success, death, health and unconstructive self-image. 
Emotional (JUNK) such as: fear; anger; anxiety, sadness, grief, guilt, shame, regret, hatred, panic, phobias, apathy, depression etc. 
Incidents such as: physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse; past-life, birth, and/or childhood trauma, perceived humiliation, birth of siblings, death of loved ones, divorce, rape, accidents and natural disasters.

The Basics of Intense Internal Transformational Therapy

How Intense Internal Transformational Therapy affects living organisms: 
It increases blood flow with resultant increased oxygen-carrying capacity. 
It changes the migration of calcium ions which are capable of either bring calcium ions to heal a broken bone in half the usual time, or is capable of assisting to move calcium away from painful, arthritic joints. 
It affects the pH balance (add/alkaline) of various body fluids (often out of balance in conjunction with illness or abnormal conditions) that are capable of apparently being altered by magnetic fields. 
It affects the hormone production from the endocrine glands, which is capable of being either increased or decreased by magnetic stimulation. 
It causes the altering of enzyme activity and other biochemical processes.

All the cells of the physical body have a weak, natural electric current flowing through them. The currents are caused by electrically charged particles in the cells called ions. Ions affect the metabolism, or the work of the cell. I.I.T.T. is a method of applying a magnetic field to the cell, which converts the magnetic field into a weak electrical signal, influencing the interaction of the ions, and the flow of nutrients in the cell. Enhanced circulation and nutrient exchange is capable of speeding the healing process and reduce down time.

To clearer understand the implications of providing the human physical body with an adequately balanced magnetic environment, we perceive of it as being important to understand the basic movement of certain body fluids and their role in health and dis-ease. In a somewhat simplified explanation, as the heart pumps approximately 80 times per minute, blood in the arteries forces nutrient-laden liquid through the pores in the capillaries into the cell area to nourish the cells. (This liquid is called plasma while it is in the bloodstream and is renamed "lymph" once it leaves the bloodstream.)

The pain of dis-ease begins when conditions symptomatically cause the capillary pores to dilate and allow the escape of significant quantities of blood proteins into the cellar area. This cording of the proteins attracts fluid (inflammation), causes pain, and deprives some of the cells in the area of proper oxygen and nutrients, resulting in poor cellular functioning. These malfunctioning cells, if not carried away and disposed of by the lymphatic system, begin to destroy healthy cells and may keep proliferating into cancer or re-enter the bloodstream and symptomatically cause leukemia. If the lymphatic system completely fails to function and these blood proteins become trapped throughout the body, death is capable of occurring within hours.

Guided Frequency Imagery

Guided Frequency Imagery

Guided imagery is used to aid healing for any illness or condition imaginable. The human mind is capable of being guided with the use of visualisation to aid, if not fully affect, the healing process. Advocates contend that guided imagery has healing benefits for pain management and for reversal of illness. The experience is capable of benefiting as many as ninety percent of clients who seek traditional Western medical solutions.

Aristotle and Hippocrates believed in the power of images in the brain to enliven the heart and physical body.

Guided imagery is more than listening to relaxing sounds. It’s a learning process to listen to someone’s voice, relax the breathing and consciously direct the ability to imagine. The effect of guided vivid imagery sends a message to the feeling controll centre of the brain.

From there, the message is passed along to the physical body’s endocrine, immune and autonomic nervous systems. These systems influence a wide range of bodily functions, including heart and breathing rates and blood pressure.

Guided imagery has been shown to benefit patients by:

  • Reducing side effects from cancer treatment
  • Reducing fear and anxiety prior to surgery. Studies have shown that surgery patients who participated in two to four guided imagery sessions required less pain medication and left the hospital more quickly than those who hadn’t used imagery.
  • Managing stress
  • Managing headaches. Studies have shown that guided imagery may aid in reducing the frequency of migraine headaches as effectively as taking preventive medications.

Spiritual Healing of the mind, body, lifestream, and world around you is the basis of Night-Thunder’s sessions. No medical advice is insinuated. A qualified medical physician ought to treat any and all medical conditions. Information not for or intended as medical advice. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. We make no promises warranties or guarantees neither expressed nor implied. The information in this site is not to take place of a physician or other medical advice *Please seek qualified medical advice in your own community*. The things you will find here are for information and research purposes only. We are sharing information we believe in. If you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. You agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible FOR your own choices. Do not use any ideas found here without consulting a medical professional, unless you are a researcher or health care provider. We reserve the entitlement to refuse services to anyone.

Energetic Space Clearing



Everything is made of energy and this energy is everywhere. Energy follows the path of least resistance; with this concept in mind, we think & experience energy as well as create energetic vibrations all the time. Energy following a path of least resistance sometimes may mean that it is "trapped" within its soundings, constantly in motion, yet staying in one place. Energy will attract itself to similiar energy, sometimes creating vortexes of either perceived positive or negative sensations. The path of least resistance is conceptually very close to the path of least action used in mechanics, optics and even the quantum field theories.

 All humans understand that each chooses to experience the world through their physical senses, yet your bodies possess more subtle levels of sensing ability. There is a great deal more going on beyond what your physical eyes chronicle. Most wild animals instinctively use their sensitivities to energy as a survival skill avoiding places that are not beneficial to them, however most humans have forgotten how to do this.

 Little is generally known about energetic structure clearing or cleansing (also known of as psychic clearing or space clearing) and yet it is a subject that perceived of being very important for all beings! Many humans have come to realise that all forms have their own unique energy structure including houses, land, automobiles, clothes and also ones possessions.  When humans or animals choose to move into a new space it is

 Your dwelling or business premises ought to be a place of harmony and peace. A place where joy and merriment are known. Where relaxation is capable of being enjoyed and coherence of the mind experienced.

It may be the land or building has an ancient history that has an influence on family members or staff in a less than a perceived positive way.

 Most humans instinctively choose to clean their new residence to clear out any dirt or grime left by the previous owners and yet, in this open-minded day and age, only a small number or humans carry out an "energetic house cleansing" (or energetic cleansing of their business premises) prior to occupation to ensure that the energetic residue of the previous owners is cleared out!

 Whether you are going to buy a brand new house or a used house, it is very important to have major space cleaning before you move into a new place for the reason that it influences your life.

 There are many reasons why the family home is capable of being affected by deemed misguided energies and even entities. Arguments, violence, and even teenage angst are just some precursors to a build-up of perceived negative energy within the home by the current occupants. Perhaps the perceived negative energy was present before you purchased or moved into the property. It's possible the house may have been built in an area that is significant to the traditional custodians of the land and is creating an imbalance in the surrounding energy field. It's also possible that violence and trauma from hundreds of years in the past is capable of still affecting an area today. To complicate things even further, your life and property is capable of being impacted by energy portals and vortexes. The placement of buildings across Ley Lines is capable of also leading to energy imbalances.

 Of course not every home is affected by inter-dimensional interferences and needs clearing.Most humans are blissfully unaware of the past history of their home and the energy attached to it. However, there are a fortunate few that get to experience weird occurrences or sensations, in and around their residence. So what are you capable of doing when things go bump in the night? This really depends on the impact you are experiencing and what you are dealing with. So the first step is to find out what energy or entities are affecting the property. For us, this is a fairly easy process. Once we have established what we are dealing with, we are capable of taking the most fitting action toward clearing the house. There are too many scenarios to describe here, however it is possible to clear perceived negative energies and entities from the family home or land just as we would with a human.

 The caveat to this is that one or more of the occupants may also require clearing of perceived negative entities. That creates a slightly different aspect to the process. We are often contacted by concerned parents for the reason that their child is being frightened by some strange experiences. Children and family members are capable of being affected by attached entities at any time. In fact some children have a real talent for attracting unwanted energies. When the environment is precise, those attached energies are capable of creating chaos in the family home. It is something that many parents have difficulty understanding at times.

 Putting aside any dramatic occurrences, if you are simply not happy with the "sense" of your home, it may just require a first-class clean out on the energetic level. Just about everyone you speak to will have an opinion on what to do about house clearing; especially if they are attempting to sell you something. Incantations, crystals, incense, salt, bells, rituals and all sorts of paraphernalia may be recommended. In our experience, beneficial results are most often achieved by simply smudging.

 Get yourself some dried white sage, the sacred herb (salvia apiana) and smoke out every room and corner of the house. You do not require the imitation eagle feather to fan the smoke. Open your doors and windows while you are doing this. While you are at it, get rid of all the clutter and junk you no longer require. Depending on who is living in the house, and what they are bringing home, you may require to smudge every few weeks.

 If you are not happy with the sense of your home, or you are experiencing some difficulty selling, letting or hiring out a property, it may require some house clearing. If smudging has no effect, or you are experiencing some jaw dropping events, contact Night-Thunder International.

Home and Space Clearing, Wayward and Entity Removal

$333.00 for most homes      
$500.00 per most business

Gift Certificates Available

This is normally about a 2 to 3 hour session, depending on the size of the house. Please contact us by calling 855.NTI.JUNK to get price quote on your specific situation.

 A house clearing includes investigation of home for earth energy and electromagnetic disturbances entities etheric patterns or ghosts, predecessor energy which is capable of including divorce, death, trauma, attachments and other types of perceived negative thought forms.

 The cleansing may include correcting energy vortexes, removing ghosts, thought forms or predecessor energies, correcting electromagnetic fields, or doing earth acupuncture. This included the setting of intentions for your new home and releasing ceremony for a fresh start.

 Night-Thunder International will then balance the home with sound and other shamanic techniques. This will leave your home feeling clean, balanced and full of fresh new energy.

 ** Real Estate Space Clearing for agents $150.00 

( This is offered to Licensed Real Estate agents for enhancing a properties sales potential or removing negative energies.This is usually about a 3 hour session. Similar to above however usually without owners or in an empty house. Please contact us to get a quote and to setup bulk pricing.)

Gift Certificates Available


Note that smudging is a technique that produces smoke.  Night-Thunder International is NOT responsible for any smoke damage that may occur during this process.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling

Ear candling requires the use of ear candles. Ear candles are made of cotton or linen that's wound into a cone shape, soaked in wax, and then allowed to harden.

This hollow candle is inserted through a hole in a plate specially designed to collect wax, and placed into the external ear canal. The candle is lit at the opposite end.

Proponents of ear candling claim that this creates a low-level vacuum that draws ear wax and other debris out of the ear and into the hollow candle. After the procedure, a dark, waxy substance is usually left in the stub of the candle.

Many humans find it to be a satisfying procedure, for the reason that they are told that the dark waxy mass they see is a combination of ear wax and debris.

Proponents of ear candling claim that it is capable of assisting to remove ear wax and debris from the ear and facial sinuses. The external ear canal, however, is not continuous with the middle ear, sinuses, Eustachian tube, and nasal passages when the ear drum (tympanic membrane) is normal and intact.

Other manufacturers claim that smoke from the burning candles dries out the ear canal and stimulates the body's natural excretion of wax and dead cells, pollen, mold, parasites, and other debris.

There is no evidence supporting these claims. Critics contend that the dark, waxy debris that remains after ear candling is waxy candle remains, not ear wax.

A Brief History

In ancient times, the process of ear candling was called “coning”. Cone shaped instruments made from pottery clay were used. The glazed pottery cones had a double helix carved inside to create a two-way spiral energy flow of the smoke and heated air. This would carry the herbal content down into the ear canal and draw impurities in the ears outward at the same time.  The process was used in India, China, Tibet, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec and American Indian Cultures.  Some say it dates back to the fabled Atlantis and Lemuria.  Many cultures considered coning a spiritual practice for clearing the mind and senses. They claimed it cleared the mind and body so you could meditate and open up your sensitivity to the life force energy.

Possible RisksThere are some potential risks involved in ear candling:

Is Ear Candling Necessary?Ear wax has a protective role. It cleans and lubricates the ear, and can protect the ear canal from bacteria and fungus. The ear has a self-cleaning system that naturally removes ear wax. Most people do not require additional cleaning. However, a breakdown in this self-cleaning system can cause a condition known as cerumen impaction. Cerumen impaction affects about 6% of the population and can cause reversible hearing loss, dizziness, and ringing in the ears. It occurs more frequently in individuals with mental retardation and in the older population. Physicians and other health care professionals are required to treat cerumen impaction.


Do not elect ear candling if you have

  • A Recent ear  surgery
  • Cysts or tumors in the ear
  • Mastoiditis in an acute stage
  • Ear drains (tubes)
  • A recent injury or damage to the ear

Evidence One study published in the journal Laryngoscope evaluated the efficacy and safety of ear candles. The researchers concluded that ear candles did not produce a vacuum. This small preliminary study with eight ears showed that ear candling didn't result in the removal of ear wax from the ear canal and even caused candle wax to be deposited in some ears.

Typical Benefits

Ear wax buildup is common, and the central influence of the auditory system on coherent body functioning is well known.  Most humans benefit from a clear auditory canal, especially those who

  • Have a chronic  wax buildup condition
  • Work outdoors or in dusty environments
  • Participate in water activities
  • Suffer ear-aches, sinus infections, or allergies
  • Wish to apply herbal therapies as a health benefit

About Our Ear Candles

The candles we use are from C&H Ranch near Payson, Arizona.  These cones are 14 to 15 inches long and are hand-spun for the left and right ears. Candles are made from 100% unbleached cotton muslin and infused with pure bees wax blended with essential oils, herbs and extracts that C&H Ranch has developed over the years. 

There are 9 different types of cones.   Herbs are chosen for their traditional properties and applications. SeeHerbal Selections (below), and if you have a preference, please call in advance of your scheduled session to reserve your choice.

Herbal Selections

Choose from the following varieties of herbal ear cones from C&H Ranch, made with pure Arizona beeswax &100% unbleached cotton muslin:

Black Cohosh

Antispasmodic, aids the respiratory system

Eucalyptus (essential oil)

Clearing to the upper respiratory system

Osha Root

Gentle clearing to entire respiratory system

Releasing Blend

Special combination for relieving stress

bergamot, clary sage, cypress, lavender & spearmint

Respiratory Blend

Decongestant, antibiotic qualities

Swedish bitters, mullein, spearmint, rosemary, cedar, goldenseal & echinacea


Antiseptic, encourages patience and love

Soothing Blend

Especially soothing to the entire ear

chamomile, mullein & St. John’s  wort

Tea Tree (essential oil)

Combats fungus, antibacterial and antiviral

Yerba Santa

For its mild decongestant quality

RegulationThe United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada classify ear candles as medical devices and consider the product to pose serious risk of fire, burns, and injury to the ear, surrounding skin, and hair.